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Presentation Skills


To help staff prepare and deliver convincing and purposeful presentations

Similar to Speaking with Impact, but designed for persuasive presentations to an audience.


Technical Specialists, Sales Staff, Managers... Anyone who needs to deliver presentations effectively


  • Designing the presentation
  • Centreing
  • Anchoring and state management
  • Positive emotional states
  • Owning your space
  • '4-Mat'
  • Voice work
  • Yes sets
  • Sensory acuity
  • Self-talk
  • Dealing with Question
  • Match, pace, lead
  • Ok corral
  • Managing the group
  • Non-verbal communication

At the end of the course a participant should be able to:

Design a presentation and deliver it with clarity and confidence
Be unthreatened by the prospect of speaking to an audience
Be able to deal comfortably with questions, including the 'unhelpful' type of question
Be relaxed about the presentation and look forward to it as an opportunity to 'shine'

Business Benefit

Staff will make more effective use of time
Less rework due to misunderstandings
Less hesitation and more openness/clarity when delivering important messages to senior staff
Helps staff develop responsibility and managerial potential