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Take charge of your future and get the results you want

Kanaloa's career coaching is for anyone who wants to take charge of the future life they will lead

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Kanaloa a highly-regarded training and coaching provider based in Wotton under Edge, mid way between Gloucester and Bristol in Gloucestershire. It was founded in 2001 and is run by Ann George, a certified NLP trainer with over a decade of experience in this field of work.

Kanaloa's 'Unique Selling Point' is the delivery of excellent communication and relationship skills to individuals and businesses.

How does this help?

  • People return to work after being on long term sick leave with stress symptoms
  • People stop resenting work and their work mates: they recognise them for what they are
  • Things start running smoothly in businesses that recognise the importance of relationships
  • People get the confidence to speak from their heart in critical situations
  • People stop being 'victims' of their world and become 'architects' of their lives

Ann uses the principle that attitudes and behaviours are 'programmed' into the psyche and this affects our perception of events and relationships around us. If these are not useful then it is possible to change them...

...and Ann will help you make that change!