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Personal Coaching


To enable individuals to achieve their potential in any field of endeavour


Anyone wishing to improve their performance.

Senior staff who want to identify and manage their own shortfalls and opportunities within a safe, third-party environment. Useful for staff who are reluctant to attend self-development training in groups

Useful to show individuals with potential the value the organisation puts on their personal development


Ann will use structured questioning to:

  • Uncover the individual's core values
  • Identify the individual's desired outcomes
  • Help the individual determine what is needed to achieve these outcomes,

...and throughout this process an 'Ecology Check' is maintained to ensure that the aspirations elicited will be acceptable to the individual's core values and personal stakeholders... otherwise the changes won't happen! A key enabler in this process is helping the individual to re-programme the problem areas of the psyche, and release the mental resources to 'achieve the dream'. While exceptional individuals may be able to carry this out for themselves, realistically this can only be approached with the help of an experienced coach. Ann George brings experience from NLP, 'Clean Language' and Huna, and will manage the session drawing appropriately from the following key areas:

  • Dormant resources
  • Relationships (personal and business)
  • Conflict resolution
  • Success orientation
  • Phobias
  • Goal setting
  • Self doubt / esteem
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Decision making

No advice is offered in this process; all the ideas/commitments/improvements and changes in behaviour are sourced from the individual, not the coach.

At the end the participant should enjoy:

Long-term excellence and self-sustaining positive behaviour

Business/Personal Benefit

Good people will become even better!