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About Kanaloa

Ann delivers the majority of the training herself, though she often works with her (highly-trusted) Associates, and will deliver training specified by others.

Similarly, Ann only carries out the coaching personally, and if the requirement is outside her field of expertise then she will refer you to a more appropriate coach.

Kanaloa's essential feature is a deep and practical understanding of NLP that underpins the training and coaching delivered. This enormously improves the retention and implementation of trained material, and is key skill underpinning the coaching Ann provides.

Have look at some of the case studies, hear what people say and check out the courses to see if any are suitable for you or your business... won't regret it!

Where does the name come from?

Kanaloa is the name of one of the four great gods of Hawaiian mythology, and can be loosely translated as "mind-body-spirit". It symbolises effective learning. When the mind, the body and the spirit are engaged we are at our best.