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Career Coaching with Kanaloa

Take charge of your future and get the results you want

Kanaloa's career coaching is for anyone who wants to take charge of the future life they will lead…

If you are facing a GCSE/University/college/apprenticeship choice,
or wondering what to do having graduated,
or feeling there is something better than your current job…
… or feel you could be doing better:

…then career coaching will help you uncover what is important to you and work out how to achieve it

How it works

Ann will question you in a way that will help you realise what is important to you. She will also get you to examine your abilities, aspirations and preferences.

These are inside you, but Ann will get you to reveal them in a way that you cannot do yourself; you need an experienced coach to bring out these important characteristics.

Once you are aware of these you can make decisions about what suits you, what will work and what will suit the people around you.

Decision making is difficult if you don’t have the facts, but it is easy when you do.

What will it cost?

For a limited period this is being offered at £50 per session. Each session is typically 1.5 - 2 hours.

Everybody is different, but as a guide, you are very likely to feel an improvement after two sessions and after three you should get a clear idea of who you are and what suits you best. Some people continue with coaching for their own personal development over a much longer period — I have a personal coach and have used his coaching for many years

I know this is quite a commitment for something you have probably never experienced before, so please get in touch to talk it through. We can discuss the arrangements thoroughly, and if you want to go ahead we can set something up, and, if you don’t feel it is for you, then we can let it go.

I do want to hear from you!

This will make a difference…

So, not only will you not drift, you will have decided for yourself what direction you are going in.


By the way, if you are coming for advice, don’t bother; you won’t get any. This process is centred around you and what is already inside you. Who knows better than you what is best for you?

What do I do next?

Pick up the phone and text/speak to Ann* on 07711 926576 (office hours or early evening preferred) or email here

*Ann George is a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, a Personal Coach and an Educational Consultant. All coaching-related conversations and coaching sessions are confidential