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Case Studies

Phil gets back to work.

Phil attended one of Kanaloa's Introduction to NLP courses. He had been on long term sick leave from work as a result of stresses induced by the uncooperative and aggressive behaviours of his supervisor and colleagues. He enjoyed the realisation during the course that these behaviours were external to himself and not his own problem. So profound was this seemingly simple revelation that he went to the Doctor to be signed off the next day and was back at work within a week. Phil spent a few more months working at this location, then moved on to a new career, and has never looked back!

Brenda becomes an 'Architect'

Brenda treated all adversity in her career as a reason to complain and blame. It made her a rather difficult person to work with, and was a symptom of her reluctance to take responsibility for the work she was doing. She was fortunate to get some NLP-based coaching from Kanaloa and began to realise that she could actually do something about issues rather than just be affected by them. This was due partly to her giving herself permission to take responsibility, and partly to her recognising the difference between being an 'Architect' and a 'Victim'. As a result she is much easier with colleagues and achieves much more in the workplace.

Merchant Banker breaks his limits

Robert had been successful in his corporate finance career, but he felt he had reached as far as he could, and was stagnating in his job. He attended an open Personal Development course run by Kanaloa, and found he (like almost all of the population!) was unwittingly suffering from a 'Limiting Belief'. Simple though it sounds, recognising the problem, and believing that it could be overcome, was a tremendous revelation for him. For a senior person in his business, it was unusual for him to be challenged about his personal development, and it let him recognise that he could choose to move on.

Whole team contributes to solution

Kanaloa was commissioned to carry out assertiveness training with a team that had a 'difficult' member. The commissioning principle was to get the individual to attend a course to develop an understanding that there are non-aggressive ways of achieving outcomes. Moreover, the rest of the team were required to attend so that the individual didn't feel too much that he had been 'singled out'! However, the 'mis-matching' 'self-referenced' and 'in-time' meta programmes exhibited by the individual were recognised by the tutor. These characteristics were explained and experienced through group work, and as a result the whole team, including the individual, began to realise what was at the root of the behaviour. In this case addressing the causes rather than the symptoms of the problem was crucial in solving the issue, and the tutor's knowledge of, and familiarity with, NLP was a key enabler to the success of the project.

Note that names and minor details have been changed for personal privacy