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Learning Coach Training


To train coaching skills to Staff so that they can then coach Learners

To meet legislative requirements in Welsh Secondary Education


Any Staff operating in an educational context…

…eg colleges, training providers, schools, charities, voluntary sector, youth work, EWO, probation service, military establishments etc.


  • Questioning skills
  • Building rapport
  • Listening skills
  • Assertive behaviour
  • Record keeping
  • Legislation
  • Referral process
  • Processing styles
  • Study skills
  • Team work

By the end of the course the participants will:

  • be confident to coach Learners to fulfil their potential,
  • be knowledgeable about laws relating to working with Learners,
  • be able to work as part of a team, and
  • understand the differences between coaching and mentoring.

Personal Benefits:

  • Participants will better understand learning for themselves and others
  • Participants will have increased confidence when working with Learners
  • Participants will develop powerful learning habits

Learning Coaches in Wales who took this course in 2012 said:

I’ve really enjoyed my training days and have learned so much. I really hope to be a good coach and help my Learners to become successful. Thank you for making it fun. My memories will be positive to pass on to anyone who wants to be a coach.


It has been motivating to meet someone so enthusiastic and passionate. Thank you.


Thanks for the enthusiastic delivery of the modules. It’s great to feel empowered by the knowledge given.


A massive thanks for your inspiration and vision. Really enjoyed the course.


This is a certified Agored Cymru Level 4 course. Participants have the option of taking the route to certification or may use it simply to improve their skill base. Certifying and non-certifying participants can be trained on the same course.

The programme delivers value and legal compliance to the Institution, and at the same time, it develops positive thinking and self-assurance, and helps the participants achieve a greater sense of well-being and personal satisfaction with their coaching work.