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Speaking With Impact


To provide staff with the ability to communicate with subtle power in group or 1:1 situations... (Meetings, phone calls, presentations)

Similar to Presentation skills but with more interaction. Can be used as a step to develop staff into managerial roles


All staff, and can be tailored to suit staff soon to assume positions of responsibility


  • Cause/effect
  • Learning styles
  • Personal anchoring
  • Positive emotional states
  • Rapport
  • Breathing
  • Voice quality
  • Yes sets
  • Sensory acuity
  • Active listening
  • Satir categories
  • Spatial anchoring
  • Ok corral
  • Meeting frames
  • Win-win
  • Assertiveness
  • Match, pace, lead

At the end of the course a participant should be able to:

Participate in meetings with more influence and convey ideas effectively
Be able to cope confidently with aggressive responses and heckling
Assume a central role in a meeting situation
Make difficult/delicate phone calls
Communicate effectively at all levels in the business

Business Benefit

Staff will make more effective use of time
Less rework due to misunderstandings
Less hesitation and more openness/clarity when delivering important messages to senior staff
Helps staff develop responsibility and managerial potential